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auV Leigh is a self-avowed, born again Christian, who believes in giving God all the glory for any and all personal success, through the guiding power of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name, for her recently published book, Precocious. V, who is now in her sixties, is a retired registered nurse who has been married for over thirty four years to her beloved spouse, Rufus.

She is the mother of five, with three surviving offspring who each contribute to society: Eric, Sr., Shanta, and Adonis Sr.

She is the loving GRNE V of six magnificently God gifted grandchildren: three grandsons (Eric, Jr., Kendall, and Adonis II) and three granddaughters: (Brie, Jasmine, and Kyris). She also has one great granddaughter, Aysha Lenee’, and one great grandson, Rozay Amir.

Her younger sister’s name is Deborah. She also has a set of twin siblings.

V admits to early on having an affinity for words.

Her altruism has been evidenced by volunteering as an official “Greeter” inside the main entrance of two metropolitan Cancer Centers.

V also founded the community grassroots 501-C3 organization, F.O.M.P.I. in collaboration with a major City government and a Federal

Governmental entity, to dismantle, redesign, and rebuild her neighborhood’s desolate, obsolete playfield-playground.

After five long, arduous years of dedication and fervent prayer, and divine intervention, she, with the loyal support of her incorporated group members, and other civic minded neighborhood group leaders assistance, her F.O.M.P.I. coalition participated in the auspicious Re-dedication Red Ribbon Cutting Commemorative Ceremony.

V was motivated to address the “resilience” central theme of her book, …by loosely basing it upon various anecdotal re-accounts, and

incidents shared by candid friends and, forthcoming associates.  Her hope is to inspire others globally, who have experienced similar tragedies in their respective young lives, perhaps having endured more heinous acts at the hands of closely related loved ones, but who choose to grasp the quintessence of this book, helping to cast all their cares on Him and trust God to use reprehensible, degenerate acts for His good in their lives, hopefully in turn helping those individuals to turn their lives around, divinely redirecting them to illuminate the path of others.

She realizes what a bold and perhaps unorthodox statement that may sound like to some, but she has been willing to bare her very soul to draw others to the Word in all of its magnificent, glorious splendor.

She fully credits God, through the redeeming power of the blood of the Lamb and the Unction of the Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus for any and all success in her life.

To God be all the glory, all the time!

“Glorify God in the highest, and peace, on earth, good will toward men.” (Luke 2:14 KJV)

“And the Lord said unto Moses, Write this for a memorial in a book,” (Exodus 17:14 KJV)

“Let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.” (Psalm 35:27 KJV)