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Precocious is a girl’s coming of age, journey of self-discovery, forgiveness and resilience. CC, the main character, is shuffled from pillar to post after her mother’s untimely death. Her life turned topsy-turvy when her father’s resolve drives him to remove her from the sanctity of the only home she’s ever known. Thanks to divine intervention, CC is able to face the painful truth about the complexities of her own present, while accepting her family’s often convoluted past, as she embraces a future of limitless possibilities, during her evolution into a young woman of substance.



By the end of this year, December 2015, Precocious the book, by V Leigh will be available for sale, on select US book store shelves.

Precocious, the book by V Leigh will be presented by the Ingram Group at the BOOK EXPO Trade Show in Chicago, Illinois, at McCormick Place, May 11-13, 2016.

V Leigh, author of Precocious, the book, will be attending the Ladies of Immanuel Church Precocious book review on site:
1536 E. Grand, Hot Springs, AR 71902
Monday, September 14, 2015 at 6:30 P.M. (“ladies only”)


I attended the Precocious book review at Immanuel Christian Fellowship Church Monday September 14, 2015. This was a very enjoyable event. It was enlightening to hear the author, v leigh, expound on the chapters and explain exactly what transpired. Loved it, loved it!
Eudora Rosewood

V Leigh’s “Precocious” is a thoroughly enjoyable read… I appreciate the historical aspect of the book; the novice references various errors of time. “Precocious” is an extremely inspiring novel… I commend V Leigh (the author) on aligning realistic challenges women, young girls, and families’ in general sometime have to face and may feel too afraid or embarrassed to discuss such issues. If you are looking to be intrigued, inspired, or encouraged… V Leigh’s “Precocious” is definitely the book for you!
Shanta Reed 

Enjoyed reading this poignant tale of a young girls spirit and tenacity. Well done!
Kay Behn 

I found this book to be very compelling in its description of a young girl subjected to the abject power of a preying adult. I was brought to tears as I recognized the strength and fortitude she displayed in extracting herself from such a horrific situation. I applaud the author for possessing the fortitude to tell her story and lend strength to others who may face the same or similar situations. I would strongly recommend this reading to all parents as a heads up to the possible downfalls children may face as they hopefully thrive and grow in an uncertain world.
Virginia Parker-Holloway 

Precocious is a powerful and inspiring Novel that shows triumph against insurmountable obstacles. It shows how faith can guide you through hardships and the resilience of the human spirit aided by biblical scriptures. This novel resonates with anyone whose trust in God delivers them through dark times.


5 ***** stars rating!

Please know that; even though I do read my Holy Bible daily, this is my very first time writing a book review, so I’m taking this very seriously.

I couldn’t have been asked to comment on a finer, more enlightening, better God inspiring book, than Precocious.
It even has the perfect title, in my opinion.

Being greatly intrigued by the beautiful, front cover alone, my husband also took interest in reading the book, once I shared some key parts with him. We’re both, let’s say past retirement age, so we do know a little something about life.

This fictional book shows real life: the good, the bad and the ugly.

My husband went straight for the dictionary to get an authentic definition of the title and shared his findings with me. We agree, the name of this book well suits its contents.

This book will indeed bless you, and be a source of encouragement to others to have faith in God.

Thanks to God’s obvious favor upon her life, the author, V Leigh, sure was meant to write this particular book. No one else but her, could have taken such a terribly sad incident and put it into words which actually brought real tears to this reader’s eyes.

The tears were two fold; first, due to the incident in the most challenging Chapter 7, The Deed, but more so because of the manifestation of God’s grace, which is sufficient, and will take any Believer through anything!

Glory to God!

Clearly God instilled His wisdom in CC at an early age. Many thoughts may have ran through that child’s mind, but she dared not speak every bold, up front one of them out loud.

Although through it all, the Lord was surely with CC and her entire family, including her Father.

What that child went through, and how she came out on the other side, showed God’s goodness, and His faithfulness, the way He kept his hand Spiritually on her.

CC’s family relationships helped to show me why the child was the way she was.

Of course, I loved her character best of all.

Being one myself, I found her grandmother’s faith in God remarkable and uplifting. How I delighted in reading about that Sister in Christ’s fervent prayers on her only grandchild’s behalf, as she walked through the rain to save her.

Over the years, and around the time when most needed, her prayers must have helped sustain CC in such dire circumstances. When her brave Grandma took that call and then tried to assure her grandchild she’d walk right on over to get her, I felt my heart leap with joy inside my chest!

I enjoyed reading all about her Auntie Glorious, who was such a blessing, so kind, loving giving, and nurturing, especially to be only, an in-law.

Her Uncle Man was a real rascal, and the right male to be over CC as she grew up into adulthood. Second only to his Mother, he proved to be his niece’s real, live hero, and valiant protector!

CC had a wonderful, unique relationship with her social worker. It did me all the good to read how much he was truly on the young girl’s side, yet another gift from God to CC!

God’s tender mercy was definitely upon her, providing CC a way of escape; but for whatever reason, God seemed to be totally lacking in the child’s own Father’s life.

Do I believe her dad loved her?

Yes, I do believe he loved his daughter, and she loved him, but without God in his own life, he seemed to have hearkened to demonic forces.

I think that because CC kept right on pleading her cause to her Father, doing so helped keep him at bay, until God’s next divinely ordered step.

The wonderful way in which the author has woven Holy Scriptures throughout this anointed book, from the verse on the first page to the back cover, including the Divine dedication, and detailed, personal acknowledgements, it all goes so far beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of putting into words.

I’m no scholar, professional writer, nor theologian, so perhaps there may be some things which others feel could have benefited from more fine tuning, but the way those carefully chosen words of Truth leap off the page at me, I accept it all as is, and thank God for it!

Yes, this is one book which just BLESSES my soul!

Honestly, I wish I could tell the whole world about it!

Sure there maybe numbers of other similar books available on shelves today, but as for me, I’m confident none will touch my heart, or enrich my Spirit, the way this book, Precocious by V Leigh does!

Talk about having “a way with words”.

This book is SO good to me!

Hopefully Oprah, herself, will supernaturally be drawn to take a personal interest in this book, and read it in its entirety.

In the meantime, my husband, Hosea, and I would love to rate this gifted work beyond a 4 **** stars rating!

Speaking God’s blessings upon this blessing to me,

Nettie Williams